Word Export

Export your resume in various formats preferred by ATS. We use special export functions to help get around older ATS that can't recognize newer document formats.

Version Management

We make it easier to apply to job postings by helping you manage resumes with subtle differences for specific types of jobs.

Bias Detection

Prune flags content that can lead to hiring bias by screeners, interviewers, and hiring managers. We can help you get a foot in the door.

Title Matching

Prune helps optimize resumes based on the job title preferred by ATS. Prune is smart enough to help optimize previous job titles in an authentic manner.

Skill Matching

Optimize your skills based on the skills expected in the job description.

Education Alignment

Prune maintains a database of popular ATS school names. We can help you identify the correct school name to better communicate with the ATS robots.

Location Alignment

Prune provides guidance on how to apply for positions that would be flagged as being outside of a desired proximity to the position.

Gap Guidance

Prune looks at gaps in your resume's skills, credentials and education, and suggests alternatives to fill in the gaps.