Interviews, Accelerated

Prune is an Intelligent Resume Assistant that helps you build Resumes tailored to specific Job Postings.



Resumes that Cut through Red Tape

Prune aligns your resume with the job requisition.

We will help you build keywords and describe your experience in a manner that helps you beat the keyword ranking algorithms used by Applicant Tracking Systems.

Cut through the red tape
Stand out from the crowd
Time Saving Resume & Job Management

Using Syntactical Artificial Intelligence (SAI), Prune can easily import complicated resumes and job postings, so you don't have to manually each one, each time.

Prune saves each job description and resume, so you can align similar resumes with new jobs.

With special export features, you can export resumes in the formats preferred by different Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

Resumes that Stand Out From the Crowd

Resume Assistants often use Recommended Content to help job seekers write copy. Recommended Content often leads to applicants that are similar to one another without stand-out features; preventing your resume being forwarded to hiring managers.

Prune tailors your message to the characteristics and experiences that make you stand out about other applicants.

Stand out from the crowd
Job bias and elimination
Resumes Designed to Defeat Bias

It's a cold, inhospitable world out there. Prune understands that hiring managers, interviewers, and Human Resource personnel harbor their own biases and beliefs that can affect your chances of getting an interview.

Prune looks at your resume and flags common bias markers, giving you a chance to be seen and heard as the individual you are.


How it Works

Step 1

Add Resume & Job Posting

Simply copy and paste your existing resume and job description. Prune is so smart, there's no need to manually fill out 100s of fields.

Step 2

Optimize & Align

Using 100s of points of data analysis, we'll help you optimize your resume until it's better aligned with a specific job and ranks higher in the Applicant Tracking System.

Step 3

Export & Apply

Export your optimized Resume in the file format preferred by the Applicant Tracking System, and apply to the Job.


Easily Add Resumes

Simply copy and paste your resume to get started. Prune formats the resume for you (there's no need to manually edit 100s of fields).

Export to PDF, Word, TXT

Export your resume in various formats preferred by ATS. We use special export functions to help get around older ATS that can't recognize newer document formats.

Manage Multiple Versions

We make it easier to apply to job postings by helping you manage resumes with subtle differences for specific types of jobs.

Bias Detection & Awareness

Prune flags content that can lead to hiring bias by screeners, interviewers, and hiring managers. We can help you get a foot in the door.

Job Title Matching

Prune helps optimize resumes based on the job title preferred by ATS. Prune is smart enough to help optimize previous job titles in an authentic manner.

Skill Matching

Optimize your skills based on the skills expected in the job description.

Education Optimization

Prune maintains a database of popular ATS school names. We can help you identify the correct school name to better communicate with the ATS robots.

Location Optimization

Prune provides guidance on how to apply for positions that would be flagged as being outside of a desired proximity to the position.

Gap Guidance

Prune looks at gaps in your resume's skills, credentials and education, and suggests alternatives to fill in the gaps.

About the Founder.

David Buhler

David studied English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Tennessee. After graduating, he worked as a Waiter, while looking for a professional job as a Writer. After sending out 100s of resumes and failing to get a single interview, David had a chance encounter with a direct, no-nonsense recruiter who helped him understand the significance of writing a resume specific to a job.

Fast-forward to today, and David has worked at over fifteen companies, including RecruitMax, which was one of the largest ATS companies prior to being acquired by a larger ATS Provider. He has written and refined 100s of targeted resumes and has been through phone-screens, panel interviews and has been responsible for interviewing and hiring.

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David Buhler