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We want to make finding a job easier for the 7 million people looking for a job.

Today's online job hunting doesn't measure up to the old-fashioned process of job hunting, simply because computer algorithms filter out candidates from a potential interview based on thousands of hidden data points. Candidates whose resumes can't match enough data points are overlooked before individual strengths are considered.

Relying on data points hurts candidates and companies alike, because only candidates who understand how to optimize their will be recommended by the Applicant Tracking Systems, leaving out candidates who have the right skills for the job, but not the resume writing experience.

In 2017, David Buhler had an idea: help candidates better communicate with Applicant Tracking Systems, Recruiters and Interviewers alike, in order to connect candidates and employers.

Today, we've a team to re-imagine what's possible in resume building. However, we don't judge ourselves on how cool or elegant our technology is (although we think it's both). Instead, we measure our success the same way you measure yours—by asking, "Are you getting more interviews and better interviews using our technology to optimize your resume?" After all, interviews begin with effective alignment with a job description, and only authentic, and great resumes helps those people.

We are excited about the future. Modern technology has given today's job candidates very high expectations; they know what they want but they must build resumes for each different job posting. And while today's candidates use job boards, networking, job profile websites, and company ATS Systems, all resumes are eventually read by people. Being able to communicate with both is key to having your resume understood.

We are uniquely qualified

Some founders have the right technical skills. Some have the right background. At Prune, our founder has both the technical skills and background to deliver a true Resume Optimization product.